We host regular exclusive roundtables on content repurposing best practices for your business 🎥

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We host regular exclusive roundtables on video best practices for business 🎥

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You'll Be in Good Company

A New Approach to Content Creation.
Simple. Scalable. Reliable.

We believe in the power of content repurposing and want to help you leverage your existing content. No matter whether you have considered hiring an in-house social media person, tried to manage a freelancer, or even worked with other marketing agencies, we know it takes time and is cumbersome. Kalipso Labs is all about making your life easier. All for one flat rate.

A Dedicated, Professional Content Manager

We match you with a content manager and video creator who knows you by name and understands your brand, your needs and seamlessly plugs into your creative ideas.

Unlimited Requests and Revisions

With Kalipso Labs you can send us as many requests and revisions as you like. Your creator keeps working on your videos until you are satisfied.

Effortless and Quick Turnarounds

We want your content pieces created in a few days, not weeks. Our average turnaround time for most requests is just two or three business days.

Simple And Intuitive Communication

The Kalipso Labs platform offers a smooth way to request new videos and communication with your designer for revisions.

Premium Stock Videos and Image Material

For all videos, we have a diverse collection of premium stock material at no additional cost. You do not need to worry about any copyright issues since all rights of usages will be granted to you.

Best-in-Class Customer Service

We are always ready to help and do whatever we can to make your life as easy as possible. We trust in real human support and genuine connections.

We Put Your Words,
Into Action.

Whether you're a small business owner, working in a mid-sized firm, big corporate or an agency and you are looking to incorporate videos in your marketing strategy, learn from some of our Kalipso Labs clients on how they used our video service.

The video was overwhelming with its high quality and the feedback we received was outstanding.

Mali Baum, WLOUNGE

The Kalipso Labs team takes your ideas and helps them spread to your audience.

Adam Formanek, SIBB e.V.

Great and easy collaboration when creating videos for all of your social media channels.

Bedina Reinhardt, PSD Bank

Simple. Fair. Transparent.
We've Got The Right Plan for You.


Motion Graphics & Short Video Clips (up tp 30 seconds)

Premium Stock Material, Music, Sound Effects & Custom Branding

2-3 Business Days Turnaround

14-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


All Features from Essentials

Long-Form Videos Repurposed Into Multiple, Short Clips (up to 2-3 minutes)

1-2 Business Days Turnaround

Creative Video Designs & Repurposing Inspiration

Get some Inspiration. Watch Our Work.

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