We host regular exclusive roundtables on content repurposing best practices for your business 🎥

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We host regular exclusive roundtables on video best practices for business 🎥

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Join our next Virtual Roundtable



You are invited to join our next, exclusive Virtual Roundtable

Why attend?
Amid the current disruption, marketing leaders need to look ahead to the “next normal” even as we continue to adjust existing plans and programs on a daily basis. But how should we approach the relevant questions given the radical uncertainty that we’re likely to face for many more months, or even longer? Our Virtual Roundtable is designed to explore where marketing leaders are focused now, key challenges for the rest of the year, and what matters most in planning for what’s next.

Virtual vs Physical Roundtables
A virtual roundtable is very similar to a physical roundtable in the sense that:
- It is positioned as an opportunity to discuss common problems and explore new options with other peers in the industry
- From a sales perspective, it is all about relationship building
- From a marketing perspective, you can build trust in your brand and improve future response rates

What makes a virtual roundtable better than its physical equivalent is that:
- It is more time convenient for participants to attend – no travel required
- You can focus on niche topics in markets that are geographically dispersed, even across borders
- The conversation tends to be more focused, sharper and more useful
- Virtual roundtables have practically nothing in common with a webinar, in the same way that a normal roundtable has very little in common with a seminar.

What to Expect
- 8 to 10 participants
- All Marketing Executives
- Maximum 1 participant per company
- Submit 2 questions prior to attending

How to Register
Please note that if you do register, then your company name will be shared with other participants. This is to help us create the most useful discussion possible.


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