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WLOUNGE kept their audience engaged during Covid-19 lockdown and beyond.


“WLOUNGE is already working with Kalipso Labs on several projects. The experience is like working with like-minded experts, people from the industry who understand the mission and the message of WLOUNGE and its different activities.”
- Mali Baum, CEO & Founder of WLOUNGE

WLOUNGE ecosystem built the "GERMANY’S NEXT ROLE MODEL" online format due to Covid-19 to keep the network and the community exchange flowing.


WLOUNGE is a global ecosystem network and community to support women and diversity in business and technology. Founded by Mali Baum and headquartered in Berlin, WLOUNGE believes that only by supporting diversity and inclusion at all stages of the business process, can we start to see real changes and innovation that represent all people. Through their initiatives and forums, WLOUNGE brings professionals from corporate executives to rising entrepreneurs together to collaborate and tackle the business world’s greatest challenges. Their past initiatives collaborated in projects across the world, including Germany, Israel, the U.S. and China.


With the rise of Covid-19, there have been restrictions on big amounts of people and group gatherings and in-person events &workshops which is why WLOUNGE needed to rethink their format on how they could keep their community, partners of corporates and startups engaged and stay connected with exchanging opportunities and skills. The team has seen a need from their partners and allies, from the public and business sector to the startup world. All wanted to share messages, exchange knowledge and support each other for growth.

Mali believes that “in the times of crisis, new leaders are on the rise.” In these turbulent times, WLOUNGE wanted to gather resources to keep moving forward and grow, supporting the ecosystem as best as they can to stay driven and connected while using brilliant technology for making it easy and accessible for the community and partners.

WLOUNGE is a leading ecosystem network, a key player, which enables keeping communication, knowledge, and business opportunities flowing, even when everyone is staying at home and working remotely. In April, they introduced their new project: “Germany’s Next Role Model”, #GNRM20, a daily (which later became a weekly) format with virtual talks of local and global leaders, in many topics and industries from the community. On their new online platform, they brought together local and global communities and hosted live shows and sessions from international experts and speakers.

There were a lot of creative as well as investment-scouting opportunities, lots of introductions and exchanges involved for the #GNRM20 format and our Kalipso Labs team assisted them on their journey.

How Kalipso Labs Helped

While the WLOUNGE team was reaching out to their community and started to build the concept, bring together investors, startups, politicians, decision-makers, influencers, corporates, mentors, experts, leaders and communities from all around the world to join their daily virtual format, our Kalipso Labs team created a promotional video for the launch of their #GNRM20 campaign. The goal was to create a video for their website and for building a "new language" for their format that will be recognized immediately by their audience. The WLOUNGE team used it also for their event page,  to share it with their email newsletter subscribers and via their social media platforms and with the help of their corporate and startup partners .

Our Kalipso Labs video designers are trained to handle client requests with efficiency while maintaining a human understanding of what is needed. The WLOUNGE team appreciated the responsiveness to feedback and overall brand empathy of our Kalipso designers and the speed of delivery since we were able to deliver a high-quality video within less than a week with all brand-specific preferences and requirements being incorporated.


WLOUNGE has very successfully used Kalipso Labs to help not only with the promotion of their event series but also to share their mission across their various channels and reaching more people worldwide.

Moreover, the video has been used as an opening for each session and has been seen by more than 10,000 viewers on and off their #GNRM20 online weekly format. “The promo-video that Kalipso Labs made for us during #Covid-19 under time pressure for driving the new online format as fast as we can, was overwhelming with its high quality and the feedback we received from our community and partners was outstanding,” Mali said.

The WLOUNGE team announced that their format is still ongoing and that their #GNRM20 weekly talks raised many new connections and brought many successful businesses together during the lockdown and in this “new normal” format. Also, it showed their partners and customers that no changes and cancelations of plans were needed since they immediately and easily converted into an online format and thereby reached a way more bigger audience and greater range of speakers - locally and globally. WLOUNGE was the fastest and the first to convert to online and kept the business flowing.  Furthermore, WLOUNGE has started to work on new initiatives and is already working with our Kalipso Labs team on the next projects, for example, the #WDL WLOUNGE DARE LEADERSHIP online program for females that DARE to reach their maximum potential.

If you’re interested in promoting your company mission or an upcoming event and need some video creation help to get you going, we would love for you to give Kalipso Labs a try. Click here to sign up.

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